Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Laughing Cow Cheese is my favorite snack right now. The french onion with celery is heavenly and with only 35 calories it's like a free treat :)


My new best friend. Kleenex. I have been sick for way too long. I've been using toilet paper but Josh felt bad for me and went and got me some Kleenex and it has made my nose soo happy. Thanks Josh!!


Happy Happy Birthday Preston!! I now have four teenage boys at home. We had a little gathering of family tonight for his birthday. Preston has wanted a Mac Mini for a couple of years and today he finally got it. He was very happy!!

Preston is such a joy to have as a child. We are all very lucky to have him in our family.

Today was also Mother's Day. I was woke-up to breakfast in bed made by the Birthday Boy, Preston and Collin. It was so yummy. Collin fried the bacon perfectly. They also cleaned up the kitchen after making the breakfast which was pretty impressive (if you know my kids, you'd understand)

Josh got me a very nice "mom" necklace.

William got me a gift certificate for a pedicure, made me a picture and wrote me a note about why he loves me. Sooo cute.

Justin took Kaylee to get me some roses and she wrote me a note that said that I'm her favorite mom :)

Justin got me some chocolate covered strawberries and a card. More about this card in a bit!!

My Father-in-law sent me a card. I read it during sacrament meeting. The card was so perfect but it was the note that he included inside that was so touching. I cried for a long time after reading it. It was very very touching and really made my day.

While making dinner Justin brought me in his card. When he handed it to me I didn't think it was possible for anyone to top the card and note I had gotten from my father-in-law but I was wrong. It's a personal thing but I AM going to post what he wrote because I do not EVER want to lose what was said. Posting it online means it will always be here :)

This card is so true. I've always remembered you trying to help me feel better and boost up my mood. You could always tell when there was something bothering me and right away you would want to talk me through it. You have always been so supportive of me in anything and everything I've wanted to do. You are always trying to find ways of making me happy and pleasing others and never yourself. You have been such an inspiration in how I want to raise my own children and live my life. You will always be my best friend and I will always want to be around you. So thank you Mom, for everything you have done this past 18 years of my life for me. I will never forget it. Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you more than anything in the world [even Noel :)] - Love Justin"

Yes - Justin did say he loved me more than he loved Noel. My closest friends and my husband know how worried I've been but this card relieved so much fear that I've had. Of course I shouldn't have been worried... but..I'm a baby :)

What a wonderful Mother's Day. This has been the best Mother's Day I've ever had. I think things improve as your kids get older!!! I feel so lucky to be a mommy.


These are Ring Pop Popsicles. They are soo fun and I think all moms should get them for their kids. You can find them by clicking here:

Ring Pop Popsicles


I went to a late night showing of Something Borrowed with my cousin tonight. This movie is now one of my top five favorite movies. Maybe it shouldn't be but it is....Could have something to do with Colin Egglesfield. He's now my secret crush :)


Tonight we went to the theatre as a family to watch Rio. I'm so glad we did. This is such a cute movie and a must see for all families.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Josh has finally decided that he will head off to school this August. He's going to SUU, which is Southern Utah University. These papers are the last that SUU need to get him enrolled. At least I sure hope so :)

I still can't believe that my little (not so little) Josh is graduating and heading off to college in no time at all.